Coaching/Dance Workshops

Yellow Suitcase offers workshops for women that include coaching, sacred sound, movement and ritual, and dance. 

Audrey - Sacred Sound Facilitator, Mother

I loved this opportunity to connect with other women in a safe and nurturing space. I appreciated the space to be witnessed and held and received with loving support of how I could improve my situation.

I absolutely loved using dance as a way to bring my visions to focus and integrate the feelings of fulfilment into my body. - this is so important.

This short, intimate gathering was proof of how even just a few dedicated hours, connecting in circle, can release so much, and re-energize us to go forward towards our dreams.


...graceful facilitation and encouraging voice!

Anke Kungl

Great to be lovingly guided through a process of internal inquiry and visioning. I felt held by the structure.

Powerful to embody the desired changes and move old energies with movement and music!

Loved your graceful facilitation and encouraging voice!